The Iconic player of World hockey Major dyan chand

The incredible hockey player of all time Major dyan chand.

Major dyan chand

Major dyan chand  was born on 29th august 1905 in Allahabad, Uttar pradesh india in to a maurya a Kushwaha family to mother shardha singh and father Sameshwar singh who was working in british indian army. dyan chand had two brother Roop singh also a sports player and another brother Mool singh.when dyan chand was young he was not interested in hockey, he used to love wrestling. at the age of 16 he joined indian army and at that time he used to practise after his duty hours and night. he used to always wait for moon so that the field would light up and helped increase the visibility of the field due to this it is believe that he was named chand literal meaning moon by his fellow players.

Major dyan chand

It was during 1922 to 1926 he started playing hockey tournament and regimental games in indianarmy. after his consistent perfomance and dedication for the team he was selected for the team that was going to newzealand to play hockey series. in that series his team won 18 matches, drew 2 and lost one match. during this series the most important player was Major dyan chand, Because of his brilliant individual perfomance his team done so well on newzealand tour. when dyan chan return to india after giving a solid perfomance on newzealand tour he was promoted to lance naik.

major dhyanchand with his team

The newly formed Indian hockey federation was making a team for 1928 Amsterdam Summerolympics. In 1925 an inter-provisional tournament was held for the selection of best indian hockey players from all over india that would represent the nation in olympics and various tournaments. Major dyan chand got permission from the army to play for united povinces team, he was well known  for his individual  skills and potential so he was selected in the team to play in olympics.

In 1928 summer olympics India reached final of mens hockey and their final was against european giant holland. the game was tough but because of the individual brilliance by dyan chand india manage to clinch its first ever olympic gold. Major dyan chand was the top scorer  of this tournament by scoring 14 goals  in just 5 matches.

Major dyan chand

dyan chand his known as a magician of” Hockey” as ronaldino is known as the magician of the beautiful game  “Football“. dyan chand perfomace was improving day by day at a speed of light at that time there was no single player in world hockey who can match the speed, skills , strategy and ball controlling og dyan chand this led to selection of Major dyan chand in 1932 summer olypmics Los Angeles. india won their first match against Japan by 11-1 , team got moving ahead and once again india reached final and clinched the gold medal for two times in a row.

after the los angeles olympic indian team won different hockey tournaments in usa , england and many other countries but at the end of the tournament india had won 34 matches  out of 37 and dyan chand had scored 133 goal during this tour for his team.soon he became caption of indian hockey team in 1934 and led his team in 1936 summer olympics where india won his third olympic gold medal for the third row in a time.


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